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Socio-economic contribution of polycarbonate in Denmark

Denmark has no own polycarbonate production and therefore
depends on imports from other countries to supply its Danish
industries´ needs of this high performance plastics material.
However, due to its function as enabling technology, nearly
8,000 jobs were related to the use of polycarbonate in
Denmark in 2010. In that year, Denmark consumed about 2%
of the EU production of polycarbonate, thereby generating ca.
450 million Euro of value added.
Over 70% of the Danish consumption of polycarbonate
is concentrated in two key economic sectors in Denmark:
the Electrical and Electronics industries and Building &
Construction; other important sectors are medical devices
and toys.

The Danish Electrical & Electronics sector supports nearly
62,000 jobs and generates an output of 16 mio Euro. Here
polycarbonate is used as a critical component in many
technically complex and safety related applications, such
as fi re retardant computer housings, electrical installations
in private homes and large public buildings, consumer
electronics and domestic appliances.
In many of these applications polycarbonate is critical to
transforming the functional characteristics of components
or end uses. This means: Polycarbonate cannot be replaced
by any other material if the same material performance
characteristics are required. This is particularly the case in the medical applications sector, where hygiene and sterilisability
over multiple re-uses as well as highest possible inertness and
transparence is required. Almost 20,000 jobs in about 200
medical technology companies in Denmark are related to the
use of polycarbonate technology.
Polycarbonate is a dynamic enabling platform technology for
innovation, thus helping to sustain Denmark´s manufacturing
base. The competitive position of a significant number of leading
Danish companies depends upon the continued exploitation of
the many and unique properties of polycarbonate. It offers
solutions to modern societies to meet the emerging needs
for lower weight, greater safety and security, lower risks and
improved well-being, while at the same time reducing costs
and improving the product performance.

Jasmin Bird
Manager Communications
PC/BPA-Group PlasticsEurope
Tel: +32 2 676 1738