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In the EU, a solid regulatory framework is in place to ensure the safe use of BPA in intended applications, e.g. food contact materials and toys. National restrictions on the use of BPA-based materials in food contact applications with respect to babies and small children, established in some European countries (Belgium, Denmark and Sweden) are now addressed by the new harmonized regulation on the use of BPA in food contact materials, which is additionally setting precautionary measures for products intended for young children. The new regulation is fully applicable across the EU since early September 2018.


France enforced a national restriction on the use of BPA in all food contact materials since January 2015. The measure, covering multiple applications from polycarbonate water coolers to epoxy-lined drinks cans, contravenes the EU-wide regulation on the use of BPA-based materials in food contact, and is in conflict with the 2015 EFSA opinion.