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Launch of new website

We are happy to announce the launch of the new version of the website: The site has been created and developed by the PC/BPA Group of the industry association PlasticsEurope. The group seeks to provide accurate and balanced information about BPA and its main applications.

The website has been redesigned to improve the functionality and make it easier for visitors to navigate, also on different devices. In addition to the new design, new functions have been implemented that will ensure the timely provision of relevant updates and background information.

On the website, visitors can learn more about BPA and its applications. The website also provides detailed information about the safety, science and regulatory framework. Last but certainly not least, visitors can read more about the contributions of BPA-based materials in terms of sustainability as well as broader socio-economic contributions.

As our website attracts visitors from around the world, we will continue with the four language versions of the website. Please note that the French, German and Spanish versions will be launched in the coming month.