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BPA-based polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins are high performance, sustainable and energy efficient materials.

They are extremely important in the production of electrical and electronic goods, e.g. housings for electronic equipment such as cell phones, cameras, hairdryers, computers, and TVs; or electrical equipment such as plug connections, fuse boxes, lamp covers, cable ducts and switches.

Whilst they do not officially meet the definition of electronic equipment, BPA-based polycarbonate is also used in software equipment and digital media (e.g. CDs, DVDs).

Performance improvement

BPA-based polycarbonate plastic has contributed to revolutionising data storage.

It has enabled discs to be durable and shatter resistant, while giving the opportunity to manufacturers to constantly innovate and increase the performance of equipment linked to the development of computers and digital technology.

In addition, polycarbonate’s resistance and light transmission has allowed for versatility in both the design and durability of electronic equipment that requires LED lighting. Polycarbonate’s qualities are also linked to energy and CO2 emissions savings. 

Fire safety

Consumer safety is a key consideration for manufacturing of electrical or electronic equipment. Flame­protected polycarbonate plastic is designed to be able to comply with both stringent requirements on flame retardancy and the criteria of major Environmental Labels such as the EU Flower, the German Blue Angel, the Nordic Swan and the Swedish TCO.

Design for recycling

Circular economy and effective waste management are at the centre of policy considerations at global level.

In this context, high performing materials are extremely important for electronic goods manufacturers; they enable them to comply with increasingly ambitious regulation. Polycarbonate’s high mechanical strength enables modular design with integrated snap fittings for electrical and electronic equipment. This facilitates upgrading and maintenance of equipment in the use phase, and eases disassembly for recycling and recovery.