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Polycarbonate is used in a multitude of everyday items that people rarely know about or notice – nevertheless, it’s key to modern design. For example, from rackets, to golf clubs, skis and their poles, bicycles or helmets are made out of BPA-based polycarbonate plastic.


BPA-based polycarbonate plastic and epoxy resins are extremely durable while remaining light.

From product manufacturing to end use, products made out of polycarbonate save energy and resources throughout their life cycle.

Good news for consumers and the environment.

Innovation in design

In order to make exciting innovative objects, new generation manufacturing increasingly uses 3D-printing.

Such production methods need to be fed with very specific plastics. This is where BPA-based materials get involved.

Polycarbonate is temperature and shock resistant, clear, and able to endure bending and moulding, and can also be used in modern 3D printing processes.


The decision to use BPA-based polycarbonate for everyday products is often linked to strength and durability compared to other materials, such as glass or other resins.

Polycarbonate technology improves the quality of life and enhances the safety and convenience for users and consumers all around the world.

Many products in our modern life would not be existent without BPA-based materials.